Superannuation Claims


Do you have a superannuation claim with Metlife? We can provide expert legal advice with respect to your legal rights and your prospects of succeeding in a claim.

The team have represented clients in a broad range of areas including the following;

Superannuation claims including Metlife; Police workplace claims; motor vehicle claims, workplace claims and general compensation cases.

When is the right time to seek legal advice in respect of your superannuation claim? If you have experienced any claim delays make contact with our team immediately.


Our team of Litigation professionals is committed to providing an exceptional standard of knowledge and service that provides realistic outcomes for our clients.

We are committed to fighting your legal battles and carrying the burden of the stress involved in the litigation process, giving you peace of mind that your legal rights are being looked after. In our experience, legal advice sought early can often achieve a better outcome for our client.

If you think you may be entitled to make a Superannuation claim, make an appointment with us at either or Penrith or Wollongong office as soon as possible. Different time limits for making a possible claim apply for certain claim types.

Call to make an appointment 1800 647 023 Or fill in our 'Make  An Appointment' form.

Requests For Factual Information- Know Your Rights

Increasingly, insurers under the Police superannuation scheme are asking claimants to submit to factual interviews with investigators.  MetLife are one Insurer who seeks regularly to utilize this process.

Do you know what your Rights regarding Requests For Factual Interviews are?


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