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Our home is usually our most important asset. Making a mistake or misunderstanding your legal obligations could have a significant impact on your finances and lifestyle.

In most cases, if you are selling a property you'll be required to prepare a contract before the property can be listed for sale with a real estate agent. 

Vendors have specific legal obligations when preparing a contract and it is therefore important that legal advise is obtained in order to ensure that you for fill those obligations. There are potentially dire consequences should these obligations not be met.

It is important to know your legal obligations regarding what laws you must comply with, what are your formal cooling off rights. What happens if you change your mind.  

Our conveyancing team can advise you regarding each stage of the conveyancing process.

These stages include:

  1. Preparing a contract.
  2. Liaising with your real estate agent.
  3. Assisting you once the buyer has been found and negotiating any amendments to the contract.
  4. Liaising with your bank to secure a discharge of mortgage.
  5. Attending settlement and finalising the sale or purchase.



What happens If I'm Buying and Selling At The Same Time?

It is more than likely you are  looking to buy a new house at the same time as you’re selling your current one. In that case, it’s important that you try to make sure the settlement date in both contracts is the same.

If the settlement date on the contract for the house you’re buying falls before the settlement date on the contract for the house you’re selling, you may need to take out bridging finance which can be expensive. If it’s the other way around you may be forced to live with friends or family until you can move into your new place.   Discuss aligning the selling and purchasing dates with your solicitor to help your conveyancing process run more smoothly.


Check out our handy Sellers Checklist. We know how much there is to organise when you are selling your home. We've designed our checklist to help take the pressure off & make life a little easier.


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Checkout our handy Sellers Checklist to help you prepare foryour property sale.