Property Settlement After Divorce

Settling Property in NSW.

Property Settlement is the arrangement of how your property between yourself and your ex-spouse will be fairly divided  after divorce.

Property includes all property owned by couples either jointly or in their separate names and can include almost anything: household contents, cash, real estate, interest held in a business entity or a trust, shares and investments as well as superannuation.

The Family Law Act sets out the relevant matters that must be taken into account when dividing property.  In most relationships, even though one party may own all of the property in his or her name, courts will recognize entitlements of the other party.

The dividing property can usually be achieved through negotiations being entered into with the other party often with the assistance of the legal representatives of each party.  There are however occasions where legal proceedings need to be instituted by way of formal determination to be made and there are sometimes necessary for urgent action.

Are there time limits?

It is important to remember that if you are already divorced you only have 12 months from the date of the divorce being finalised to apply to the Family Law Courts for a property settlement. If you have already been divorced contact our office immediately so we can offer you some timely advice that ensures you meet the guidelines of the court.

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