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Police Claims & Delays. 

When Should you Seek Legal Advice? 

We act for many former NSW Police Officers who have lodged claims through the Police Officer Superannuation scheme.  In respect of these claims the Trustee is First State Super and Insurers who include MetLife and TAL.  Recently there has been media attention drawn to delay’s in the processing of these claims and some of the tactics utilised by insurers especially MetLife. 

 For claimants it is a stressful and often lonely process and many former officers are reluctant to seek legal advice and struggle on, on their own.

This beckons the question, when is the right time to seek legal advice in respect of your TPD claim? 

A claimant should obtain legal advice if any of the following circumstances arise;

  • If you are concerned by any delay in your claim
  •  If you are subject to protracted, aggressive ongoing video surveillance.
  • If First State Super or MetLife request submissions from you in respect of possible adverse material, a process known as ‘Procedural Fairness’ (this is especially important).
  • If First State Super or MetLife request that you undergo a ‘factual interview’ (this is especially important).
  • If your claim is denied or remains undetermined after 12 months.
  • If your claim has been accepted following significant delay.
  • If due to your symptoms and illness you are unable to properly complete the claim forms or are not able to effectively communicate with the Trustee or insurer. 

Our team act for many former Police Officers pursuing claims, some of whom before contacting us have unnecessarily endured the above circumstances on their own without the benefit of legal advice or proactive representation.

Even if your claim has been accepted, if there has been a significant delay you may have a claim for interest and damages against the Trustee and/or Insurer.

We are always happy to help and would be pleased to discuss your circumstances with you and arrange an initial no obligation, free of charge conference.

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