Parenting Orders, Custody and Disputes

Parenting disputes & applying for parenting orders, custody in NSW

One of the most common areas of Family Law relates to parenting disputes and parenting orders. 

Separating or divorced couples will often require formal arrangements to be put in place concerning the parenting arrangements for their children following separation. 

Even when separating parties enjoy an amicable relationship it is often wise to have formal custody arrangements in place which can avoid problems later on. 

There are also occasions when parties cannot agree on the ongoing parenting arrangements for the children or particular issues and this requires courts to intervene. What are some of the things you will have to consider?

Who the children are to live with / The amount of time the children spend with each parent /  Disputes over special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and school holidays /  A parties wishes to relocate with the children / Changing the child’s name / Obtaining a passport for the child / Parental responsibilities and disputes about decisions concerning a child.



Parties are generally required to participate in Family Dispute Resolution prior to being able to institute legal proceedings however there are exceptions to this for example in circumstances where a party may abduct a child.

What Is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution ( FDR)  is a process conducted by an independent practitioner or practitioners to assist members of families, including separated families, to resolve some or all of their disputes with each other. Some of the of family dispute resolution processes are mediation and conciliation.

Where can I find our more?

You can find out more information about mediation & Family Dispute Resolution by  visiting the Family Resource Centre for articles & more information.

When Your Children Need Help

Here is a great resource for families experiencing separation and may need help for their children. You can watch videos for both children and adults, find out more information about your legal rights as a child, parent or grandparent and where to get legal help. Whats Best For Kids.


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