Local Court Hearings

When you are first charged with an offence, your matter will be brought before  a Local Court of NSW.

For matters that are viewed to be of a less serious nature, they will be  determined within the Local Court, however if the matter is of a more serious nature will be heard for a short time within this Court but transferred to the District Court.

What penalties can a Local Court impose?

The Local Court has the power to impose the following penalties:

1.       Section 10:

2.       Fine

3.       Good behaviour bond

4.       Community service order (CSO)

5.       Suspended sentence

6.       Intensive correction order

7.       Prison sentence

What is a Section 10 & can this help me?

When you appear before the court and plead guilty, you will receive a criminal conviction but also a penalty. It is the discretion of the Court to waiver both conviction and penalty. The court must come to the conclusion that there are exceptional circumstance, in considering this they can take into account the following:

·         Your age, character, record, health and mental condition.

·         The trivial nature of the offence.

·         Any extenuating circumstances

·         Anything else the Court think is relevant.

You should be aware that, a Section 10 order comes in a variation of forms and can have attached to it a good behaviour bond for a period of time or the provision that you complete an intervention program. This order is a discretion of the Court and only given in exceptional cases.

It is imperative you make contact with a legal representative as soon as possible if you are charged with an offence.  

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