Attention: All Pool Owners Important Changes to the Laws Relating to Swimming Pools

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There have been important changes to the law relating to residential swimming pools over the past twelve months which now affects every residential property that has a pool.

Importantly, if you are thinking of or are about to list your home for sale, one of the significant changes to the legislation requires you to have a Compliance Certificate in order to be able to sell your property.  This requirement was to have become compulsory from 29 April 2014 however this date has just recently been pushed back to 29 April 2015.  This also applies for persons wishing to lease a residential property which contains a pool.

From 29 October 2013, all residential swimming pools were required to be placed on the online Swimming Pool Register  This enables Local Councils to have a complete list of swimming pools in their Local Government Area and allows the Council to inspect any swimming pool which is the subject of a complaint to Council.

The requirement to obtain a Compliance Certificate involves engaging a private Accredited Certifier which is valid for three years.  The purpose of the Compliance Certificate is to ensure that the pool safety barrier is compliant and the pool complies with other safety requirements.  For more information

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