Drink Driving Penalties Over The Christmas Period


Over the Christmas period there is an increase in drinking and driving and those who get caught for drink driving.  DUI  which is commonly referred to as driving under the influence of alcohol - ( DUI ) is also known as having a positive concentration of alcohol (PCA) in your system.

People who are charged with drink driving are not limited to persons who are drunk and are pulled over by Police for Random Breath Testing & charged.  Many people who are charged have had only one/two drinks. There are a range of circumstances that may also need to be taken into consideration; body weight, dehydration due to the heat, lack of food, not being a frequent drinker and/or the way your body processes alcohol, can render the person over the legal limit.

We have represented many clients who have had one to two drinks and find themselves over the limit due to the above circumstances. Many people do not realize the statistics associated with drink drivers and fatalities that occur on our roads.  Last year  in the 14 days between 21 December 2012 to 4 January 2013, 992 people alone were charged with drink driving.  As a result of drink drivers there were 15 fatal car accidents and 17 deaths.  There were also 1,995 major crashes which resulted in 654 people being injured (the Australian, 5 January 2013). 



Here are the NSW  penalties laid down for DUI offences  including loss of license, extensive fines and even a potential jail term. Further to the above possibilities you are also exposed to the following penalties;

  1. A Good Behaviour Bond;
  2. A Community Service Order;
  3. Suspended Sentence;
  4. An Intensive Corrective Order; or
  5. A Term of Imprisonment. 

Due to the seriousness of the offense, If you find yourself in a predicament where you have been charged with drink driving, it is imperative that you seek legal advice and representation on your date of sentence.  A charge of drink driving may result in a criminal conviction on your record which can impact all facets of your life including employment, travel and it also sets a tone for years to come if you are brought before the Court on subsequent charges. 

An experienced Solicitor can address the mitigating and aggravating factors of your charge in a way that addresses the key issues the Court will look at when sentencing you and insure that the best outcome is received in the circumstances you find yourself in. 

If you find yourself  charged with one  of the above offences during the Christmas season - contact Jaclyn Nelson our Drink Driving Solicitor as soon as the offence happens. You can contact our office immediately on 1800 647 023




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