Getting Help For Children During Separation

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The Best for Kids website is for families experiencing separation. On the site you can watch videos for both children and adults, find out more information about your legal rights as a child, parent or grandparent and where to get legal help.

For The Kids: We know that it is really hard for everyone when parents separate - especially kids. Sometimes when parents cannot agree, the Family Courts will appoint a lawyer for the kids called the Independent Children's Lawyer. You will find information about this and other topics here at Best for Kids - For The Kids. The featured video explains the role of the Independent Children's Lawyer in more detail.

For The Parents: You can select from a huge range of topics, featured videos and links on the Best For Kids - For The Parents page for information on family law and relationships to help you work out the best arrangements for your children.


Independent Childrens Lawyer - a video for parents

Independent Childrens Lawyer - a video  for children 

Mediation - a video explaining the mediation process & whats Best For Kids

 The Best for Kids website is a general guide to the law. It is not legal advice and you should talk to a lawyer about your particular situation.