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A Practical Guide For Difficult Times 
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Karin Koch, an Adelaide single mother has used the challenges and heartache of her own divorce to create a realistic guide for people going through relationship stress, separation & divorce.

Karin, who went through an acrimonious divorce six years ago, has brought together expert content from academics, psychologists, counsellors, family lawyers and financial advisers into one, easy to read book called Relationships, Separation & Divorce: A Practical Guide For Difficult Times.

“When I went through my divorce I had no idea of the resources available to me or where to access quality information and as a result, like many others in my situation, I made poor decisions that have had a long-term impact,” Ms Koch said.

“It inspired me to come up with a guide for people facing relationship, separation and children’s issues, so that others could get the right advice and not make the same mistakes that I did.”

It took a year of full time work for Karin to complete her book  which she financed by selling her car and borrowing money from her family. Its a comprehensive guide featuring chapters on:

Relationships Under Stress/ Separation and Divorce / Childrens Matters / Legal Help / Financial Help / A New Beginning

Take a sneek peek of A Practical Guide For Difficult Times here at Karins website.