Commercial Property Lease Agreements

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A commercial lease is a rental agreement for commercial properties including offices, warehouse or retail premises any another type of business property.

The terms of commercial leases can vary immensely. A commercial lease, like other leases is a legally binding agreement once signed. They should be carefully read through and explained to you so that you understand your rights & obligations.

If you are a tenant preparing to lease a property or you own a commercial premises that you are preparing to lease out, it is important to obtain advice from our knowledgeable commercial team before entering any financial bond or deposit commitments or signing any documents.

Keep in mind there are important legal considerations for those who are looking to lease premises or any party wishing to occupy premises as a tenant.  A well prepared commercial lease will ensure that the legal rights and obligations of each party are documented in a  legally binding document to ensure that the interests of both parties are clearly set out.

Important considerations can often be overlooked by potential landlords. These include ensuring that:

  • the parties themselves and the premises are properly identified;
  • that the provision for rent and payment of outgoings is clearly stated;


  • there is a requirement for personal guarantees or other security to be provided;
  • proper provision is made for any works to be carried out by the lessee and any make good obligations.
  • the formal legal requirements for premises which are deemed retail shops under the Retail Leases Act are included.
  • As a lessee , here are some inclusions you may wish to have included:

    • right to extend the lease if the need arises 
    • renew lease;
    • transfer lease/assignment of lease;
    • sublease;
    • notice of exercise of option.

    Cox West Lawyers are experienced in the preparation of commercial leases, agreements and contracts.

    Seek expert commercial lease advice to ensure that you you understand your rights and obligations as a lessee.

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