Commercial Agreements & Contracts

Commercial agreements are typically a contract written between two business entities. They can be found across a broad range of the business community including the corporate sector,retail & industry.

These type of agreements often take the shape of a standardised  form or agreement that can be used on an ongoing basis with suppliers. Examples of Commercial Agreements & Contacts include:

  • agreements for the supply of goods and services
  • licensing and franchising agreements;
  • finance and loan agreements;
  • joint venture agreements;
  • shareholders agreements;
  • employment contracts;

Commercial Agreement Disputes

Most major disagreements and disputes over commercial agreements often arise from differences in the interpretation of the contract. Seeking legal advice before you sign any contract allows your solicitor to explain in plain English exactly what you are agreeing to and what the consequences of any contract breach will be.

What does a Commercial Agreement or contract include?

To varying degrees all commercial agreements will include the timeframe of the contract, description of the goods or service being entered into, amounts payable and details of payment dates including:

  • interest on late payment,
  • delivery dates of goods,
  • dates for services being performed,
  • insurance & indemnity provisions,
  • termination,
  • penalty for breaching of contracts.

Legal advice should always be obtained before signing or entering into any agreements as you should assume a contract once signed is a legally binding agreement. Contact us to go through contracts prior to signatures, preparing agreements for your business or helping work though any contract disputes you have. Ideally, we will draft your agreement for you tailored to your specific commercial needs. Contact our Commercial Law Solicitor Adam West for comprehensive assistance with your commercial agreements & contracts.

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