Child Support Articles

Separated families support materials

We have gathered several publications to support families just like yourselves going through separation. ( Human Services.) Articles on raising children during separation, handling teenagers, finances and the parents guide to child support.

Me, My Kids & My Ex

- This book is full of practical tips and hints to help parents build a workable relationship with their ex and to minimise the harmful impact of separation on their children.

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Separating Parents & Tough Times

- Major changes in relationships, such as separation, can be a trigger for depression. That's why the Child Support Agency and beyondblue: the national depression initiative have joined forces to raise awareness.

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Me and my Money

- Practical money ideas book-This book is full of hints to help stretch your dollar after separation. It will assist you with understanding your money situation by following a step-by-step budgeting process to help you stick to your budget.

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The Parent's Guide to Child Support

- A Practical Support Guide to help understand the Childrens Services and your eligibility.

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