Commercial Real Estate

Buying and selling businesses & franchises in NSW

It is essential when you are looking to either buy or sell a business or a franchise, that the agreement reached with the other party be formalized in a contact or an agreement. 

It is also importat to seek  legal advice  to ensure that the entire understanding of the agreement is fully documented. 

All contracts and agreements are legally binding documents once signed -  the majority of disputes that occur with contracts is due to the lack of understanding or the mis-interpretation of those agreements.

If you are planning to purchase a business or put one on the market, there are important factors to be considered including;

  • Consideration of tax issues and whether the proposed sale / purchase including whether the business is to be sold as a 'going concern'  (that the business has continuing viabillity.)

  • Whether there are leased premises which the business operates from which will need to be signed to the purchaser which would most often require consent of the landlord


  • The treatment of current employees of the business and their entitlements

  • Whether there is any finance over particular assets of the business

  • The treatment of outstanding creditors and debtors

  • The treatment of the intellectual property of the business including the business name, phone numbers, website ect.

  • If there is to be any restraint of trade imposed on the outgoing owners of the business.

  • Buying a Business or Franchise?

    Check out our useful resources to help your new business become a resounding success.

    Starting A Business- popular  government resources are a  powerful toolkit of ideas, checklists & videos to get you started, build your business & profitably run it.

    Business Planning templates to help you plan & give your business direction.

    Franchising - For information and education about franchising to existing and potential franchisees and franchisors.

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