Working With Your Lawyer

7 great tips to get the best out of your solicitor and your legal team.



You may be facing a stressful and difficult time right now and the next 7 tips to working with your lawyer will help you get you the best result for you and your case. Find a lawyer that understands your situation, explains you matter  to you in plain English and who can provide you with a plan for success in your matter. 

Tip # 1 - Be honest with your lawyer. Keeping things from your lawyer can be a costly experience.

Tip # 2 - Ask questions if you don't understand something your lawyer says. If you don't understand legal jargon ask your solicitor to go over everything in more detail with you. You need to understand the information and advice your lawyer gives you so that you can make decisions and instruct your lawyer on what you want them to do. Legal Jargon - terms your lawyer may use.

Tip # 3 - Be clear about what you expect your lawyer to do for you. Don't make the mistake of discussing  "A," when you are expecting "B."

Tip # 4 - Make sure your lawyer is right for you. You need to be able to communicate easily with your lawyer, to feel comfortable asking questions and to feel confident that you can work together to accomplish your goals. There is nothing wrong with asking to see someone else in the firm. We want you to get the best result.

Good communication is the single most important part of the lawyer-client relationship. Each side must understand the expectations and goals of the other party.


Tip # 5 - Make a list of questions you have or information you want to give your lawyer before you call or meet. By being prepared, you can make the best use of your time and make sure you don't forget anything. Limiting the number and length of phone calls to your lawyer can save you money.

Tip # 6 - Discuss money with your lawyer. You need to have a clear idea of how much your legal services will cost and what factors will affect the total cost. Ask what you can do to keep fees and other costs down. Review the bill right away. If you believe it reflects the agreement you made with your lawyer, pay it according to your agreement. If you have concerns about it, discuss it with your lawyer immediately.

Tip # 7 -Be realistic about what a lawyer can do for you. Lawyers have legal knowledge and expertise that can help you with legal problems. They cannot move mountains or magically return your life to what it was like before. ALways keep a positive outlook and a realistic perspective on your matter.

Quote and Tips from Great Expectations: A Lawyer-Client Handbook produced by the Canadian Bar Association