7 Tips To Signing Documents That Just Might Save Your Business and your life!


These document signing tips sound simple, however when it comes to buying property, starting a business, signing a lease to begin a new future, they are often quick, emotion based decisions. 

Tip 1/  Don't sign anything until you read it.

Tip 2/  Don't sign anything until you understand it.

Tip 3/  Don't sign anything unless you agree with it.

Tip 4/  If someone asks "Don't you trust me? " The answer is "It is not an issue of trust; it is an issue of making sure things are done properly".

Tip 5/  Take it to a lawyer before you sign it, not after.

Tip 6/  .Written contracts are easier to prove than verbal ones.

Tip 7/  Keep a copy of everything you sign.Keep good records - paper and electronic copies and store them in a safe place.